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Restaurant Poseidon is located in the Eastern coast of Santorini, in the village Kamari, in one of the most famous beaches of the world, the sandy "Black Beach" of Santorini. The village Kamari is a summer resort, located approximately 10 Km away from the city of Fira, 12 Km away from the new port of Athinios and 3 Km away from the Santorini National Airport. Kamari is one of the favorite destinations in Santorini. Its location, but mostly the reputation of the "Black Beach" attracts many people, who choose Kamari as the place to stay or visit during holidays.

The transportation from Fira to Kamari is very convenient, both using public transportation and by car.


Restaurants in Santorini-Location of Poseidon Restaurant in Kamari.

Restaurant Poseidon Location

Restaurant Poseidon is located in the start of the main strip of Kamari, in the seaside, next to the "Black Beach". You can take your lunch or dinner in the restaurant, enjoying the magnificent view of the beach in a hospitable environment.

You can visit Restaurant Poseidon during the day, before or after the beach, for breakfast or lunch. During the night, the main strip of Kamari gathers all the visitors. After your dinner, you can take a walk and find lots of stores selling souvenirs and post cards from Santorini.

Poseidon will be one of your favorite Santorini restaurants during your vacation in the beautiful island.

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